HONO GOLF --2005 golf clubs HONO GOLF --2004 golf products

All swing is more stable and fluent --
The new HONO's drivers for ease of play and explosive force was born based on an combination of adjustment upon the Swing Weight by HONO's club designers according to the weight and thickness of the clubhead designed, of adoption of the tailor-made 100% graphite shaft for the HONO's drivers and incessant testing by many professional golfers.

Greater forgiveness on mis-hits --
New 460cc head size delivers serious performance with maximum forgiveness .CNC Milled Beta titanium Face (Forged) increases initial ball velocity at every point on the club face.

Straighter and Far ball flight --
New YP-60019 features a deeper, lower center of gravity that redounds to generate high trajectory, high initial ball velocity and low spin rate for greater distance and stable direction.

HONO GOLF --2004 golf products
Item No. BYP-WR101
Head Volume 420cc
Material Beta Titanium
Shaft HONO 100% Graphite shaft
(Special Light) - SG for Shaft
Shaft Flex L , A , S , R
Grip BYC-I104-1  lightweight
Gender Mens
Hand RH


L 12.5X 55X 44'' 290g C4  1
C8  1
R 10.5X 55X 45" 300g D0  1
S 10.5X 55X 45" 310g D1  1
R 9X 55X 45" 300g D0  1
S 9X 55X 45" 310g D1  1

HONO GOLF --2004 golf products HONO GOLF --2005 golf products -- YP-60019 Beta Titanium Driver -100% Graphite shaft(S/R)-