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Sunglasses Sports-Cap Pictures







Spiffy matches with functionality and fashion


Leisure-time sport : It is suit for leisure-time sports like climbing , hiking , fishing , sports and exercise on sea or snow .

Group activities : Group and company activities ; shaping the complete image by being generous for the benefactors and being beneficial for the receivers .

Fashion matching : Matching simply and Easily ; suit for people of all ages ; leading the fashion inclination of the leisure - time exercise .

Wearing HONO Sunglasses Sports-Cap together allows you to enjoy your leisure time in the open air easily and comfortably

Fixing-style sunglasses designed without glass bracket ; releasing bound and pressing feeling for the ears ; no worry about sweating while doing exercise ; looks beautiful and nice by using hidden pattern installing frame but not the usual clipping way

For people who wear normal glasses , it is easy to use HONO , disregarding change in glasses or wear sunglasses attaching
the original ones while doing exercise outdoors

Conveniently regulating the angles and positions of the sunglasses ( moving about 4cm forward and backwards for closing to eyelid ; moving forward along the visor for people who wear normal glasses and without any inconveniences ) .

High-grade lenses with proof-UV400 which is efficient for keeping ultraviolet radiation away perfectly and for protecting your eyes from glaring light .

Easily installing and removing with the sunglasses ; lift 90degrees to close the visor without any obstacles when not using the sunglasses ; or removing and putting away in the double-use glasses bag , easy-to-sweep and easy-to-store .

The Cap is featured with diverse styles and multiple choice and client-need design ; choosing lenses with different kinds of styles and polarized lenses for keeping better impression from blocking dazzling light reflecting from water and snow surface . You can make multiple choices for the alternate matched sports caps and lenses.

HONO GOLF --2004 golf bag / Travel covers