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Golf club putters - HONO GOLF-The best caddie putters (putter with eyes) -Patented Putters--HONO GOLF --2in1 golf bag and cart caddie/patent product/golf cart bag-2004 new golf bags
with built-in Slope Detector

-- The square in the center of
the green is an equilateral square.

Club Head Options

Do you believe your eyes?

When you are in the surrounding of green, you will be very confident. But, when the range of mass if well combines with the marshland and woods, it will mislead your eyes (the green horizontal difference) but you don't know.

The "Putter with eye" provides you a correct basis, forsters your ability of judgment slope of green, and keeps your putting route more perfect.
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Green Slope Detector

If the general golf putter needs to match in HONO "The Best Caddie
", it has to attached with the above-mentioned device, detachable for easy use.

  • Shaft: The Best Caddie Shaft (with built-in Slope Detector)
  • Grip: The Rubber PG-002 grip (80g) is the most popular putter grip shape and provides a soft feel.
  • Player Profile: For avid golfers, any handicap.

HONO GOLF - 2004 golf club setsHONO GOLF - 2004 golf club sets Club Head Options: (   Click here to view feature )

YP-1001 Putter YP-1002 Putter YP-2001 Putter YP-2002 Putter
YP-1001 YP-1002 YP-2001 YP-2002
YP-2003 Putter YP-2005 Putter YP-2006 Putter YP-2009 Putter
YP-2003 YP-2005 YP-2006 YP-2009

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