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HONO GOLF-- 2in1 golf bag & cart caddie (newest products)HONO GOLF-- golf club set (including 3*woods, 9*irons, 1*putter & 1*golf bag)HONO GOLF-- golf bag, stand bag, junior bag, lady bag & travel covers
HONO GOLF-- titanium driver(380cc~400cc) & fairway
HONO GOLF-- irons, lady iron, junior irons
HONO GOLF-- putter, adjustable shaft putter, adjustable lie putter, putter with eye, transparent putter, 3in1putter....
HONO GOLF-- GOLF training aids, fairway swing simulator
HONO GOLF-- golf ball dispensor auto tee-up machine
HONO GOLF-- wood head cover, iron head cover, putter head cover
HONO GOLF-- super soft tee, wood tee, rubber teeHONO GOLF--iron grip, putter grip, rubber grip, PVC grip
HONO GOLF-- golf accessories, golf ball, currency ball, range ball, ball pocket, finger cover, uv detector, golf brush...
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R & D Testing Produce Tailoring

HONO GOLF - Unique Golf Equipment Manufacturer
We do manufacturing and R&D in Golf field for several years. We dedicate our effort to develop unique products and have many patents. It will protect your market interest. OEM and ODM service are available.
Made in Taiwan.

Looking for agent around the world !!

2014 & 2015 Taiwan Excellent Pride Winner.
About Taiwan Excellence...

Shafts and grips

OEM and ODM service are available.
Made in Taiwan.

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100% Graphite shaft, OEM and ODM service are available.

Unique Golf Tees

Crown Crystal Golf Tee - brush tee

Crown Crystal Golf Tee - long brush tee

Golf tees - Super Soft tees

No resistance, More distance!!

No resistance More distance - long brush tee No resistance More distance - long brush tee
We produce brush tees and More unique tees. Many Sizes: 65mm (Top:30mm + Down:35mm) to 100mm (Top:30mm+Down:70mm). It is hard to break up or lose, durable and easy to use.

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 Golf Bags Moving Wheel


Convenient for overseas travel purposes.

The new idea ! It is an independent movable wheel, the weight is agile, taking convenience. Of course able to be used directly on the golf course and Convenient for overseas travel purposes.

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 Golf Bag Moving Wheel™ Made in Taiwan.
Driving range equipment


Holds up to 100 balls.

Designed to accompany all range mats.

100% ABS material, Made in Taiwan.

Holds up to 100 balls.

Eliminates water buildup.

Ball tray

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Classic Shock Frame Base

  • A: AS-002 -  Classic shock frame base (129cm×159cm)

  • B: Shock-Resistant Driving Mat (120cm×120cm)

  • C: Heavy-Duty Rough Area Mat (30cm×120cm)

  • D: 727021 Ball tray

Made in Taiwan.

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Golf ball

Range Balls
Packing: bulk/Carton

1-Piece and 2-Piece Range Ball

Range Balls

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Golf Tee - Rubber Golf Tees - 3 sizes

Made of High Quality Rubber

Rubber tees

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Tournament Balls and Gift Collection


Golf ball


Golf ball

Gift Collection for gorgeous Taiwan series

Golf ball

  • 4-Piece Titanium Golf Ball (Tournament)

2-P, 3-P and 4-P Golf Balls


Golf Balls (Made in Taiwan)

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Clubs Display Shelf




Golf Clubs Display Shelf™

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Sunglasses Sports-Cap

Spiffy matches with functionality and fashion

Fixing-style sunglasses designed without glass bracket ;releasing bound and pressing feeling for the ears ;no worry about sweating while doing exercise ;looks beautiful and nice by using hidden pattern installing frame but not the usual clipping way. Made in Taiwan.

Sunglasses Sports-Cap™

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The HONO Golf team always continued to develop variously new golf products, please feel free to view our website to see our current products.Contact HONO GOLF TAIWAN