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 Training Aids -HONO GOLF - Swing Mat
Training Aids -HONO GOLF - Swing Mat

Grass with Polyamldes material and under the turf is a double-layer polyester scrim.
This dual turf mat gives the player the fell of hitting off fairways and tees. Two layers construction made of 100% nylon, straight and curled.
The straight fiber will hold the golf ball, which creates no resistance at the impact of the club head.
The curled fiber will ensure the golf player stands in a stable way.

>> Golf Rubber Tees, more info.

SIM-001:  150 x 150 cm

1. Material: Durable Fiber (Nylon)
2. Turf length: 1.6cm
3. Thickness: 3.3~3.5cm
4. N.W.: 13kgs

Made in Taiwan.

APR-D104:  75 x 50 cm

1. Material: Durable Fiber (Nylon)
2. Turf length: 1.6cm
3. Thickness: 3.3~3.5cm
4. N.W.: 2.2kgs

Made in Taiwan.

 Tee-up Mat / Golf Practice Mat  

1. Tee-up possibility because of the pile height.

2. Tightly tufting solid, Virtually everlasting.

3. 100% heavyweight nylon 66 tee material.

Made in Taiwan.

 Item No.: SIM-002, Size: 150cm×150cm×45mm with 10mm thick foam


Classic Shock Frame Base

  • Factual: You could practice the different grasslands with a sense of reality.

  • Flexible: You could collocate with every kind of driving mats by your inquiry.

  • Convenient: Supply users no matter who is used to right or light hand under the same hitting direction.

  • Economic: Each driving mat on frame base is independent. You may be replace hitting or standing mat only that will make your exercising ground to look.

  Item No.: ASS-01 Made in Taiwan.
  • A: AS-001 - Classic shock frame base (159cm×159cm)
  • B: SIM-001 - Swing Mat (150cm×150cm)

  Item No.: ASS-02 Made in Taiwan.
  • A: AS-002 -  Classic shock frame base (129cm×159cm)

  • B: Shock-Resistant Driving Mat (120cm×120cm)

  • C: Heavy-Duty Rough Area Mat (30cm×120cm)

  • D: 727021 Ball tray


HONO GOLF --2004 golf bag / Travel covers